Raising our vibration: How Harmonic Resonance can improve our life.

Scientists now begin to understand what mystery schools have been teaching throughout the ages:

Physical reality is a hologram reflecting to us our thoughts and beliefs like a mirror and everything within it is made up of energy vibrating at a specific frequency.

All ancient religions state in their creation myths in one way or another that the universe was created through sound and that everything is in constant movement and vibration from the vast galaxies to the tiniest sub-atomic particles - Everything vibrates - and all vibrating things are inter-connected and affect each other.

 RESONANCE is the ability of things or objects to vibrate another. In other words:

Our ability to resonate is our ability to tune into and thereby mirror and amplify a frequency within ourselves. Like tuning into a radio station and singing along to the song that is being played.

The question is if we are aware of and are we consciously choosing the frequencies that influence and affect us?

The answer to this question will determine whether we are living a happy, healthy and abundant life or not.

Nature and the universe at it's core is harmonious and our natural state is a state of balance, peace and harmony. We can however choose to leave this state and create lower vibrational experiences by focusing on and thereby crystalizing negative thoughts and limiting beliefs into our physical reality and experience those beliefs to be real and true. The same goes however for higher vibrational thoughts, feelings and emotions like love, acceptance, gratitude, joy and excitement. Our ability to consciously choose and maintain a higher vibrational state enables us to create a positive version of reality and a life filled with Magic, Love, Joy and Abundance.

Humanity is going through a shift of consciousness at the moment, transitioning from a low vibrational, dense and limited perspective based on the idea of separation  into a higher more expanded, less dense and lighter expression based on the concept of oneness. This is a crucial part in the evolution of human consciousness and can cause a lot of confusion, chaos and fear because old structures are crumbling, an old world is dying while a new one is being born. The New Earth that lays ahead of us requires us to think and act differently.

Alignment is the Key to navigate through the mist and noise that is being created while the old structures are collapsing. Our heart knows the way, our intuition can guide us and our excitement can be our compass to navigate us towards the magnetic north of our souls desires.

If we attune ourselves and our bodies to frequencies and vibrations that represent cosmic divine harmony and order we get back into our natural state of Harmonic Resonance.

At Harmonic Resonance we aim to offer tools and technologies that aid and assist you to get back into alignment, to receive guidance and wisdom from within and to empower you to become a conscious creator and create the reality you desire.