THANK YOU! your support allowed Futuro Nativo and the Boruca Tribe to finish the BORUCA COSMIC RANCH!

FUTURO NATIVO and me are happy to announce that the Boruca Cosmic Ranch is built!

Don Ulises Boruca and Futuro Nativo are excited to invite you to the inauguration of this space. We will be raising funds for Phase 2 & 3 of this project.

The Cosmic Ranch or 'Rancho Brugrá' was created to preserve the history and traditions of the indigenous territory of Boruca. The goal is to inspire a new economy for and a more sustainable future in this region, connecting travellers with the stories, traditions, crafts and natural beauty of Boruca ancestral land, having a place to invite people to workshops and care take the sacred fire.

On March 12th 2023 we host a celebratory inauguration of the Cosmic Ranch in the Boruca territory, you are invited! Fore more infos visit

So from now on your donations will go to support the build of an artisanal water well and later the reforestation of the Boruca Land 🙏

So grateful to FUTURO NATIVO for all the amazing work they do to partner with indigenous communities all over the world and to be able to support their work and vision 🌱



to find out more visit