DOWNTEMPO SHAMANICO BY STEFFEN KI (Loop Pack and Ableton Live Template)

DOWNTEMPO SHAMANICO BY STEFFEN KI (Loop Pack and Ableton Live Template)

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After the success of “DEEP SHAMANIC JOURNEYS” we are happy to announce “DOWNTEMPO SHAMANICO” by Steffen Ki – his latest and yet biggest Loop Pack/Ableton Live Template!



DS was created for producers, sound healers, yoga- and meditation teachers, breath work facilitators, ecstatic dance dj's, medicine musicians and sonic shamans who are looking for  deep organic, groovy, emotional, enchanting, melodic and shamanic sounds for their productions and performances.

If you are working with Ableton Live you can start right away to jam and improvise with the template to get inspired for your new track or Live Performance. All the loops work together. (Harmonic and melodic loops are in the same key (Cminor) and the tempo is 80 BPM)

The non-ableton users can still enjoy the magic of the loops and insert them into their favourite DAW or DJ-Software.

Here is what you get:

The pack comes with over 400(!) Loops covering all elements needed for a deep,emotional,melodic,organic, shamanic downtempo track.

KICKS (soft and hard depending on the vibe you are looking for)

BASSLINES (Super low groovy Subs, and melodic Basslines for harmonic flow)

TRIBAL- WORLD- AND ORGANIC PERCUSSIONS (those loops provide your track with a unique organic signature sound and add african and south-and meso-american grooves to your tracks)

DRONES (for that earthy grounding and mystical atmosphere)

WARM SYNTH PADS & TEXTURES (evoke deep emotions and color enchant your tracks with Chord Progressions and melodic Textures)

SYNTH MELODIES (to give your tracks more dynamic and a leading voice)

NATIVE INSTRUMENTS (like flutes, ocarinas, kalimbas and more for the authentic Caribbean -and Jungle-Vibe)

MYSTICAL ATMOS (instrumental, natural and vocal atmosphere sounds add interest to your tracks and support your story)

NATURE RECORDINGS (high quality nature field recodings bring the healing frequencies of mother earth into your productions. Birds Singing, Water Flowing, Wind Blowing, Rain tapping, Thunder clashing, Fire crackling... The jungle and forest by day and night... For every mood there is the perfect soundscapes)

What do you need to use DS?

If you want to work with the ableton template you need either ableton live 9,10 or 11 for it to work.


If you experience issues with the download please contact me on I am happy to help you out and make sure that you receive what you have ordered, however there will be NO REFUNDS once you have placed an order.

Non-ableton-users can import the samples into their fav DAW or DJ-SOFTWARE (the loop tempo is 80 BPM and the Key is Cminor)

After the payment a download-link for the zip-file will be sent to you automatically via email. You need a program to unzip this file.

For windows I recommend to use winrar which you can get here for free:

If you work on a mac I suggest to use keka which you can dl for free here:


Check this video on how to download and install the template.


Thanks for supporting our mission to raise the vibration of the planet in your unique way!