Energy Cleansing & Light Body Activation (Solfeggio Sound Healing Journey by ALUNA & Fern Olivia)

Energy Cleansing & Light Body Activation (Solfeggio Sound Healing Journey by ALUNA & Fern Olivia)

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 20 min. guided Sound Healing Journey

 For the optimal harmonizing and cleansing effect this Sound Healing Journey contains sonic geometry and solfeggio frequencies:

180 Hz (Triangle) F#
360 Hz (Square) F#
540 Hz (Pentagon) C#
720 Hz (Hexagon)/ (Tetrahedron) F#

Those frequencies resemble the platonic solids and played together all at once they create a harmonizing Major Chord that is played as a drone sound in the background. In addition to this drone sound there is a 528hz tone in the background and all instruments are tuned to 432hz.

"In this channeled guided meditation, you are invited to embark upon a sacred journey to come home to a healthy, harmonius world. In this initiation, you are deeply loved, nurtured, held by the embrace of Gaia, Mother Earth and your soul family who has elevated and awakened along side you. Here, beloved soul, you can rest and breathe as you receive powerful affirmations and blessings while you anchor the new blueprint for your light soul body - the body that has cleansed from past traumas and tensions of the old paradigm, ascending from 3D to 5D, assisted by your angels, Archangels, ascended masters, healing guides and light beings who are guiding and protecting you along your journey. You will receive the blessings of your Ancestors, rejoicing with you as you claim the true destiny of your divine soul purpose, walking this Earth in peace, confidence and unity."

Fern Olivia

Guided Meditation by Fern Olivia

Vocals by Maywa

Music and Soundscapes by Steffen Ki

Mix & Mastered by Steffen Ki