ALUNA - Cetacean Healing Frequencies

ALUNA - Cetacean Healing Frequencies

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In this 24 min. sound healing journey Maywa is channeling the frequencies of the beings from the ocean. The whale medicine teaches us to use sounds and frequencies to heal our emotional body. The whales are seen as ancient wisdom keepers that carry within them the knowledge of the earth and the stars. Those frequencies can be helpful to release negative emotions, rest deep and to activate your DNA and remember your true self.

The following frequencies and settings are used to benefit this intention:

The low drone sound is made up of recordings of real whale sounds.

We use binaural beats to help the brain to get into a state of relaxation and deep meditation. We start with the alpha brain waves and progress into a theta state of deep meditation and bring back the alpha waves towards the end.

We recorded 2 crystal bowls tuned to the healing frequencies 528hz and 432hz.

528 hz is considered to be a resonant frequency that can be found in nature and is associated with the hexagonal shape and our DNA. The Scientist John Hutchinson successfully used 528 Hz to clean up water after an oil spillage in the gulf of mexico and many positive and healing effects have been shown in various studies.

432 Hz is a tuning that is in resonance with the harmonics of nature and the cosmos. It helps to open the heart and calm the mind.

In addition to help balance body, mind and soul we used recordings of biorhythm tuning forks and a combination of sacred geometry frequencies (180Hz, 360Hz, 450Hz and 540Hz)

Listening on Headphones is highly recommended for the maximum effect

Blessings and a beautiful healing journey

Steffen & Maywa