ALUNA - ROOT RESONANCE (Sound Healing Journey)

ALUNA - ROOT RESONANCE (Sound Healing Journey)

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This 18min channeled Sound Healing Journey was created with the intention to allow for deep grounding and connection with the Earth. To root ourselves and our consciousness deeply into our essence and gain stability, strength and trust.

To harmonize with the frequency of the Earth we chose the Earth Day Frequency and Tuning.

 Frequency of the Earth-Day (based on The Cosmic Octave by Hans Cousto)

Tone:             194.18 Hz = G
                       a = 435.9 Hz / 440 Hz -16.1 cent)
Tempo:          91.0 bpm

Chakra:         Muladhara - Root Chakra (intestines / kundalini)

We also included the binaural beat Frequency of 7.83Hz which represents the Schumann Earth Resonance Frequency and supports our Brain to shift into a deep relaxed Alpha Brainwave State.

The shamanic drumming helps us to get into a trance like state where the mind and body can fully relax.

In Addtion we implemented Drone Sounds of the Solfeggio Frequency of 396Hz which resonates the root chakra and supports us to let go off fear and calm down the nervous system.

Maywa is tuning into and channeling the Frequencies of Mother Gaia that emphasize and express the love and support we can receive if we connect with our roots and the consciousness of our planetary mother.

We highly recommend to listen with headphones in a quiet environment and a comfortable position. We also suggest to drink plenty of water to integrate those frequencies and activations.

Many Blessings from Costa Rica

Steffen & Maywa