HEALING FREQUENCIES - "Sacred Geometry & Chakras" by Steffen Ki (Short Version)

HEALING FREQUENCIES - "Sacred Geometry & Chakras" by Steffen Ki (Short Version)

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This is a 15 min. Sound Healing Journey

This Sound Healing Journey was recorded with loving intentions during the “Blue Full Moon” 31st Oct. 2020 the night of Samhain to offer a tool for inner peace, to release fear and anxiety, activate the self healing abilities and calm down the nervous system as well as activate cosmic codes - and therefore dorment potential - in our DNA.

This journey is a sonic alchemy between ancient and modern sound healing technologies.

It contains recordings of classical sound healing instruments like Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks and a Shamanic Drum as well as cutting edge frequency modulation synthesis and binaural brainwave entrainment to allow for deep relaxation, realignment and healing.

This sonic attunement uses binaural beats and a theta wave tuning fork to entrain the brain into a “Theta Brainwave State”.

The “Theta state vibrates between 4 – 7,5Hz and is associated with deep meditation, intuitive receptivity, healing and relaxation as well as enhanced creative abilities and profound insights.

The Shamanic Drum supports to ground and connect with the earth.

7 crystal bowls attuned to the resonance frequencies of the main energy centres of the body (“chakras”) are played simultaniously to activate and balance the energy flow in those centres. This can allow stagnant energy to flow and remove energy blockages.

Frequency Modulation Synthesizers oscillate the frequencies of sacred geometry forms like triangles, circles,squares and pentagons. Those forms and geometries are the divine blueprint for nature and everything in the universe. Mystics and modern scientists call it " The language of God" and being exposed to them via image and sound can create a great sense of connection, harmony and oneness as well as expand and alter our states of consciousness.

All the sounds and frequencies are modulated in divine numbers and proportions like the golden mean ratio and digits of 3,6,9.

The tempo of this recording is 108 BPM, each segment is changing after 108 Bars and the modulation frequencies are 1.08 Hz, 10,08 Hz. The number 108 is considered sacred in many mystic traditions and ancient cultures and can be seen as a fundamental universal principle.

The benefits of this journey:

  • “Theta Brainwave Entrainment” for a deep, relaxed meditative state and enhanced intuition and receptivity for healing and regeneration
  • 7 Crystal Bowls for activation and alignment of the main energy centers (Chakras)
  • Shamanic Drum for grounding and connection to the earth
  • Modern Sacred Geometry Frequency Modulation Synthesis for a deep sense of connection, harmony and oneness
  • Divine proportions and parameters throughout the whole project for coherence and symmetry